Important Steps To Prepare Your Parking Lot for Striping

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A parking lot is a place where people come to park their vehicle and leave. However, the parking lot can also be a place for accidents. To prevent these accidents, it’s crucial to keep your parking lot in shape and stripe it properly. It’s time-consuming to paint stripes on asphalt or concrete parking lots, so preparation is the key.

In this blog post, you will learn how to prepare your parking lot for striping to ensure that the striping process goes smoothly.

Fill Cracks and REmove Stains Before Line Striping

Line striping should be a clean, professional job. You don’t want to end up with parking lot lines that are interrupted by cracks and stains. If you are about to line-stripe your parking lot, do yourself a favor and take the extra step of filling in any cracks before applying the paint. This will ensure your parking lot parking lines are clean and neat.

In addition to filling cracks in your parking lot before line striping, you’ll need to make sure that any oil stains are also removed from the parking lot surface. These oil stains can come from parked cars, spills, and leaks. If the parking lot surface has any of these issues before line striping takes place, it will be much more challenging to clean up after the job is completed.

Filling cracks in your parking lot and removing oil stains are essential steps for preparing a parking lot for line striping.

Remove Dirt and Debris from Your Parking Lot

The parking lot should be swept or vacuumed before line striping to remove any dirt, soil, dust, gravel, or debris that may cause difficulty for the line striping machine when creating crisp lines across your parking spaces.

The parking lot should also be cleared of any objects that may damage line striping equipment: plants, shrubs, and trees; loose gravel and stones; parking lot signs and traffic cones. Clear out weeds, leaves, or any other parking lot litter that may be on the pavement.

Make Arrangements for Parking and Another Location

For the convenience of your employees and customers during striping, make arrangements with a parking lot nearby or another location. Contact the owners of parking lots close to your business about making arrangements for customer/employee parking while you prepare your parking lot for line striping.

Give your parking lot attendant an area map and a list of all the parking spots so they can direct people accordingly. You will also want to have signage in place directing people to the designated parking area where they can park before entering your building. Make sure you have enough designated spaces set aside just in case.

Turn Off the Sprinklers

For best striping results, your parking lot needs to be completely clean and dry. Paint will not adhere to the parking lot surface properly if the surface is wet. Thus, you need to ensure any water sprinklers are turned off before hand and that you don’t wash your parking lot immediately before the striping.

Your parking lot is a reflection of your business. A well-kept, attractive parking lot positively impacts customer perception and can also increase sales. Precision Striping and Lot Restoration are experts at striping and restriping parking lots to suit the needs of our clients. We have decades of experience with asphalt paving, line painting, and line striping for any size project. If you are interested in ramping up your curb appeal with fresh paint on your parking lanes, we have an expert crew that will be happy to provide a free estimate!

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