Sealing & Coating

At Precision Striping and Lot Restorations, we believe in providing our customers with the best pavement services. So, if you feel your pavement has seen its best days and now shows signs of deterioration, it is time for you to opt for a seal coating service.

Our team of professionals uses top-rated sealcoating products to give your pavement a shiny and fresh appearance while protecting it from harmful elements. Sealcoating acts as the first line of defense against toxic agents; the harsh weather and the external environment can land a snapping punch on your pavement if you don’t go for timely sealcoating measures.

Property owners should seal coat their pavement once every two to three years. We keep a tab of your sealcoating schedule, ensuring your pavement gets the proper treatment on time. So, if you want to avoid heavy pavement damage and are looking for a reliable contractor to oversee sealcoating measures, Precision Striping and Lot Restorations is always at your assistance!