Types Of Road Signs: A Brief Guide

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Road signs are a crucial part of our everyday lives. They help us navigate through unfamiliar territory and give us the information we need to remain safe on the road. There are many different signs, from those that tell you about an upcoming detour to those that warn you about animals crossing your path. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the characteristics and differences between the various road signs and take a closer look at what makes them unique.

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1) Vertical Signage

These signs are very similar to traffic lights and can be seen at intersections. They may either give you a stop or go instruction, tell you that there’s an upcoming junction ahead, or inform you of the speed limit for this area.

One example is the octagonal STOP sign with white lettering on red background. It has come to represent authority in many different situations, such as school crossings and construction sites. This kind of signage typically makes us think of our safety when we see it – after all, if they’re instructing people to stop, then something must be wrong!

Another type of vertical signage is the triangular warning sign which indicates possible dangers up ahead on your path.

2) Luminous Signage

Luminous signs attract viewers’ attention immediately. They are often used in low-light areas or at night. Since most signage originates from vehicle boards used to attract attention, it is easy to understand why they work so well today.

Illuminated signage is usually placed above carriageways or is left resting on overpasses.

3) Horizontal Signage

Horizontal signage is usually required in order to regulate traffic and pedestrians on the pavement or a road. Companies and local bodies use road markings to guide the flow of traffic.

The shape and color guidelines are usually outlined on a road sign across intersections, roundabouts, or crossroads to ensure drivers or pedestrians know where they can go next.

4) Mandatory Road Signs

These road signs indicate to users that they must do something or refrain from doing something else. For example, a mandatory road sign might indicate the need to stop before proceeding over an intersection, yield at a roundabout, or ‘stop’ on red traffic lights.

Mandatory signs are usually accompanied by additional signage indicating what should be done about them. These include speed limits for different types of roads and which lane one needs to drive through depending on their destination route.

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