6 Parking Regulation Mistakes You Need To Avoid At All Costs

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The parking lot signs at your establishment are one of the first things that visitors see before they even walk in. That’s why it’s so important to replace parking lot signs when they start looking old and faded, or if you’ve changed parking regulations since installing them! You might be surprised by how many parking lot sign mistakes you’re making without realizing it.

The following are the top six parking regulations mistakes that can hold up customer service and drive customers away.

1. Employees Not Directing Drivers Properly

Employees responsible for parking cars should be adequately trained on parking lot regulations, including where to direct customers for parking. Drivers can’t always see the signs, so they must know what the rules are and how to communicate them clearly!

2. Signs Not Visible from Far Enough Away

You might not notice this parking lot mistake at first, but drivers should be able to see your parking signs from far enough away that they can quickly stop or turn around. This is less of a problem with larger parking lots because there’s more space for cars to maneuver – but it’s important nonetheless!

3. Unclear Parking Rules for Different Types of Vehicles

Drivers need to know the parking rules for the different types of vehicles that will be in your parking lot. Are there special parking spaces or regulations? Make sure drivers can see signs, but also consider including them on the payment machines (if you use one) and at entrances/exits.

4. Confusing Signage with Unclear Information

Drivers should be able to read parking signs and understand the parking rules quickly. If they can’t, this is a problem with your signage! Pay attention to font sizes, colors, and wording – everything that affects how easy it is for drivers to see what you want them to see.

Using clear images or icons will also help visitors catch on to parking regulations.

5. Outdated Signs due to Changes Around the Property

If parking lot signs are outdated, parking rules may not reflect current reality. Signs that don’t match with the parking experience will lead to frustration and damage your reputation! Even if you only made minor changes around the property (like adding a new business or renovating an old one), updating parking signage is essential for clarity of information.

6. Missing Parking Lot Signs

Drivers should always know where they’re going and what to expect when parking in your lot. Driving around without proper signs can put them at risk of getting lost or causing an accident! Visitors and customers will appreciate the added attention you give to parking signage, too. Clear parking guidance is the key!

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