Wheel Stoppers In A Parking Lot: 5 Signs They Need To Be Replaced

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Wheel stoppers are essential for parking lots. They help to slow down and stop vehicles from running into walls or each other when parking, which can cause damage to the cars and injury to the drivers. Wheel stoppers also help prevent drivers from driving over curbs or grassy areas when parking. Installing wheel stoppers in your parking lot will allow you to prevent injuries and accidents that could lead to loss of life or legal troubles for you.

However, over time these devices can wear down and lose their effectiveness in preventing damage and accidents. It’s essential to keep track of how well your wheel stoppers are performing so you can replace them before it becomes necessary!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss five signs that indicate you need to replace the wheel stoppers for your parking lot.

1. Broken Wheel Stoppers

A broken wheel stop is usually a clear indication that it needs to be replaced soon. It may be cracked or may have a chipped edge. If you see a broken wheel stop, it is time to replace it before someone gets injured due to the hazard that will exist if cars drive over them.

2. Holes in Wheel Stoppers

A wheel stop with holes is dangerous for the same reasons as those listed above under broken wheel stops. In addition, these wheel stops will not prevent cars from driving over them, which can be hazardous for the vehicles that are parking on the opposite side of it.

3. Wheel Stoppers are Loose

If the wheel stop is loose, it can move around when something hits against it. This means that if a car drives into or backs up onto one of these types of wheel stops, they will be more likely to get damaged than if the wheel stops were adequately secured in place.

4. Wheel Stoppers are Wobbly

A wheel stop wobbling on its foundation or just moving slightly, especially when you drive over it with a car, can be very dangerous. This means that if someone hits the wheel stop while they’re driving, the wheel stop will not prevent the car from moving forward, and the driver may not have enough time to react and avoid hitting anything else.

5. Wheel Stops are Damaged

When wheel stops have apparent damage, especially if the concrete is cracked or chipped off in large chunks around them, they need to be replaced. This means that once one part of a parking lot’s wheel stoppers get damaged, other areas may not be far behind and will also need to be repaired.

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