How To Calculate the Cost For A line Striping Project Tips and Advice

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Line striping can be an expensive project, so you must know what factors contribute to its cost before preparing your budget and hiring a contractor. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to calculate line striping costs and provide some tips for getting the best deal on your next line striping project!

1. Minimum Service Charges

The price of line striping can vary significantly depending on the scope and size of the project. However, irrespective of the scope, many contractors will charge a minimum fee for their services and then additional charges based on the size of the project.

This might sound like an obvious factor to consider when calculating costs, but it’s worth mentioning because some contractors offer discounts if you hire them for more than one job in a year or sign up with them as your primary contractor. Others may include additional fees that are not included in the total cost, so make sure to ask!

2. Number of Parking Spaces

As mentioned above, the size influences a parking lot striping project’s overall price. The price of line striping depends on the size and scope of the space, including the number of parking spaces that need striping. The more stalls or lanes that require striping, the higher your costs will be for labor and materials. An experienced company like Precision Striping and Lot Restoration in Houston will not provide you with a reasonable estimate but will also perform an excellent line striping job.

3. What Do I Need Restriping or Striping?

Restriping an existing parking lot is less expensive than striping a new parking lot. A new parking lot needs to be developed from the ground up, which means that you’ll need to measure each line precisely and begin the line striping measure.

Restriping exercises don’t require as much time and money as new parking lot line striping. Compared to new line striping, restriping is a much simpler and less costly job; in most cases, workers need to re-stripe the existing lines to make them more prominent. According to experts, commercial property owners must restripe their parking lot once every three years if they notice the paint fading, chalking, peeling or stained by other liquids and oils.

A well-striped parking lot offers many benefits to commercial property owners. In addition to improving business image, striping a parking lot reduces accidents on your property and saves you from possible liabilities and lawsuits.

If you’re looking to stripe your parking lot or need help calculating total parking lot maintenance costs, then Precision Striping and Lot Restoration are here to help you out. With superior parking lot repair and maintenance services, we ensure that your commercial property stands out from the rest. Whether it is line striping or parking lot seal coating, you can count on us for all your parking lot paving and striping needs. Get a free estimate now!

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