4 Hot Tips To keep Thermoplastic Markings in Top Form

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A thermoplastic marking is a great way to make your property or business stand out. From the moment you drive up into a well-maintained parking lot, the thermoplastics will catch your eye and let you know that this is an establishment worth checking out.

Thermoplastic marking is a fantastic way to keep your parking lot or roadway safe and well organized. The thermoplastic material is easy to apply, durable, and inexpensive. However, like anything in life, thermoplastics need good care. Otherwise, it can fade or chip away over time due to wear and tear and weather conditions.

To help keep thermoplastics looking new and functioning at their best for as long as possible, we have listed the top four tips on how to keep thermoplastics in tip-top shape!

1. Clean Thermoplastic Regularly

Thermoplastic markings are sensitive to dirt and can easily be damaged by too much exposure. To keep thermoplastic marking in top form, it should be cleaned regularly with a good quality product. This will remove any impurities that might cause damage while also preventing corrosion from developing on the surface of the thermoplastics.

2. Avoid Using Heat Sources Near the Markings

Heat can warp or melt the thermoplastic material, resulting in an uneven stripe height and a lack of durability. Therefore, you must ensure that thermoplastic material is protected from heat sources, such as direct sunlight, open flame, high temperature, or hot pavement.

Moreover, thermoplastic materials should be installed on a relatively cool surface to avoid warping and melting.

3. Keep Chemicals Away from Thermoplastics

The materials in thermoplastic marking are sensitive to many chemicals and should be stored away from these substances.

Keeping thermoplastic marking from absorbing chemicals is a crucial step to ensuring that thermoplastics are in top form. Chemicals like gasoline, solvents, fertilizers, or pesticides can make thermoplastics brittle and less resistant to wear.

The best way to protect thermoplastics when working with such products is by using a barrier layer, such as with rubber gloves, before working with thermoplastics.

4. Apply Thermoplastics Gently

Applying thermoplastics gently is another tip to keep thermoplastic markings in top form. A key sign that you’re applying it too aggressively is if your thermoplastics are wrinkling or tearing from excessive pressure when applied to pavement, which can lead to premature wear and tear and breakage of the thermoplastics.

We recommend that thermoplastics be applied with even pressure, slowly and evenly across the desired area. This will ensure you get a smooth application without any ripples or waves along its surface. Once it’s been smoothed out to your liking, remove excess thermoplastics by scraping them off with a thermoplastic blade or squeegee.

Precision Striping and Lot Restoration is the premier thermoplastic marking company. We offer a wide range of services to meet our clients’ needs. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, and we are committed to providing quality service at competitive prices for your business.

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