How To Prevent Pothole Formation On Your Parking Lot

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Potholes are enemy #1 of property owners with parking lots. These pesky holes damage the parking lot to the core and are a safety hazard for the visitors to your establishment too.

Pothole formation results from various factors, including harsh weather conditions, constant pavement usage, and significant variations in the temperature. The cost of repairing potholes outweighs the cost of pothole prevention; therefore, it is essential to follow the required regular pavement maintenance procedures.

Precision Striping and Lot Maintenance can help you keep your parking lot in tip-top condition with their professional parking lot maintenance services.

Not attending to your parking lot’s needs can lead to expensive repair costs in the future. Fortunately, there are a host of preventive measures that you can take to avoid potentially high repair costs.

Efficient Water Drainage

As a parking lot owner, it is imperative to ensure that your catch basin works properly. Damages or blockages in the catch basin prevent efficient water drainage from your property resulting in water accumulation. Standing water then ends up eroding your asphalt surface, resulting in costly internal and external structural damages.

Puddle formation is usually a tell-tale sign that there is something wrong with your drainage. Immediately addressing it will prevent pothole formation, helping you save a significant sum of money.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing involves filling all minor and significant cracks on the surface with the help of an aggregate-based sealant. Timely crack sealing measures prevent cracks from expanding and exposing the foundation below. Harmful external elements such as sunlight and UV rays and moisture from the environment can cause the cracks to widen, and water penetration erodes the base to form potholes.

Regular crack sealants include bitumen that acts as the primary bonding agent. Additionally, the process avoids letting the sealant overflow and is applied until it reaches the depth of the cracks. The sealant is made to bond cohesively with the existing pavement preventing further damage and water penetration.

Crack Overbanding

Crack overbanding involves flush filling the cracks with the help of a strong sealant and adding a layer on top. The additional layer of sealant prevents water permeation from undoing or damaging the initial layer.

Crack overbanding is a durable and cost-effective solution for parking lot cracks. The maintenance procedure prevents pothole formation by keeping the cracks and openings in check.

While effective pavement maintenance measures are necessary to prevent pothole formation, you also need to keep an eye out for tell-tale signs that indicate things are not right with your pavement.

The unexplained formation of water puddles, parking lot deterioration, and years of excessive use without proper maintenance are the clear indicators that your property needs immediate attention.

Precision Striping and Lot Maintenance provides commercial parking lot owners the opportunity to avert possible pothole disaster. Our crack filling and sealcoating services restore your parking lot’s original look while helping it face the challenges that come its way.

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