Minority-Owned Businesses Make A Difference At RDU

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RDU proudly celebrates Black History Month and the Authority’s focus on diversity and inclusion at the airport. Our Minority, Women-Owned Small Business program continues to flourish and grow along with our region.

“RDU is an economic driver for this region and we want as many businesses as possible to share in that economic opportunity,” said Thiane Carter, director of small business programs. Carter is an industry leader and knows the importance of access, particularly when it comes to the unique opportunity to conduct business at the airport. “Recognizing that advantages and barriers exist, RDU is being intentional about diversity, inclusion and equity in our processes.”

This is where RDU’s growth, Carter’s passion and business opportunity intersected with local business owner Maurice Webb. Webb and his wife LyAshia are Co-Owners of Precision Striping & Lot Restorations. This “boot strap” pavement marking business, as Webb describes it, has been in business for 10 years. Primarily serving a commercial market, Precision Striping & Lot Restorations work has spanned the state of North Carolina, from striping and sealants on parking lots to filling asphalt cracks and sign installation.

That was until Carter reached out to Webb on LinkedIn asking him if he’d ever considered doing work at the airport. Webb quickly responded “yes” and accepted an invitation from Carter to attend a “Doing Business with RDU” workshop. At the workshop, Webb had an opportunity to network with prime and sub-prime business owners, learned about airport operations, the RDU’s Vision 2040 master plan and core values..

Fast forward two months and Webb met with project managers from Balfour Beatty and Parsons and entered into a sub-contract for the RDU paint removal project. “It was the right opportunity at the right time,” said Webb, “and my team was well prepared for it!”

When the parking deck project wraps in April 2020, Webb expects that his small crew will have painted approximately 6,000 lines in addition to curbs and pavement directional markings.

According to Webb, this work has provided an extraordinary opportunity for his business and staff. RDU requires all business partners to exemplify the Authority’s core values including excellence, learning, and integrity.

“My team feels proud to meet the high standards set forth, knows what it means to value the work, and meet the challenges of a close to zero margin of error,” said Webb. He elaborated, “regardless of your background, there is no difference in the level of expertise needed. My team has the skills, and during the transition to larger scale work at the Airport Authority, our value has been instantly raised.”

“Diversity and inclusion play an integral role in doing business at RDU,” said Michael Landguth, president and CEO of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority. “We are committed to diverse business partnerships that reflect the community we serve and to providing opportunities to small businesses through outreach and awareness efforts.”

RDU is proud to shine a spotlight on Webb’s work and recognize our many other small business partners. As the airport continues to grow, and infrastructure and other business opportunities emerge, we hope other businesses, small and large, will explore opportunities at the airport. Visit our business opportunity webpage and consider attending one of our business outreach events.

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