5 Important Steps To Prepare For Parking Lot Striping

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Proper design and marking of parking spaces are prerequisites for the trouble-free use of a parking lot by cars and pedestrians. They also enhance the curb appeal of a commercial property and help reduce the number of road accidents while ensuring full use of the parking area.

Precision Striping and Lot Restorations is a professional parking lot striping service provider for all commercial and residential properties in Charlotte, NC. We use high-quality line marking materials and equipment to ensure the markings can withstand the harsh weather conditions and daily wear and tear.

This blog post will cover all the basic yet necessary steps that you must follow to complete your striping and marking projects successfully.

1. Area Inspection and Preparation

Before performing parking lot painting line striping, you need to carefully inspect every inch of your parking lot for cracks or surface damages. Even if you find slight deterioration signs in your pavement, get them repaired.

Moreover, you can apply sealcoating on your parking lot pavement to protect it from damage due to UV rays, rain, and fluids seeping under the top layer of the surface.

2. Area Cleaning

Once done with the parking lot damage inspection, you need to ensure the entire area is clean from dirt and debris to begin the line striping process. Note that an unclean surface can affect the parking striping’s performance and reduce its lifetime by a significant ratio.

Also, be sure to use appropriate cleaning tools and materials for cleaning the parking lot efficiently. Remember, cleaning an asphalt surface is slightly different from cleaning a cement or concrete surface.

3. Calculation of Parking Spaces

It is essential to measure the parking spaces you want to mark on your parking lot. This includes the total parking area, the number of parking spaces, the possibility of parking, the presence of fences near the parking spaces, giving enough space to allow for opening the car door, and access to the trunk.

If the calculation is not done correctly, then there will be constant chaos in the parking lot, and the markings will be erased in a matter of time due to continuous driving over them.

4. Applying the Markings and Lines

The markings are best applied at temperatures between +18 to +25 degrees. Remember, the parking surface must be cleared of dirt and free for line markings.

If paint is used for marking, then it is necessary to draw up a work schedule for regular repainting of the lines since paint is the most quickly erased material.

5. Finalization of Parking Line Striping

For fire hydrants, exits to floors, fire extinguishers, and other essential areas, glowing paints or luminescent coatings should be used.

If there is little natural light or weak artificial light in the parking lot, or in the closed parking area, it is necessary to improve the lighting of the parking spaces or apply reflective marking lines.

Precision Striping and Lot Restorations offers premium quality services at the best rates in Charlotte, NC.

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